We’re looking forward to releasing our Upgrade part NFT’s in May. These will have interoperability with the warbot NFT’s recently listed on JGN.

Players will be able to keep these in their inventory and use them to boost their warbot’s performance in battle. …


After much anticipation we are very happy to announce our NFT’s will be available for purchase on JGNNFT marketplace https://jgnnft.com/ starting April 6th 2021. We chose JGNNFT because of their established userbase and pioneering work for NFT adoption on BSC.

The RoboBlitz NFT’s will be purchaseable with $BNB. All the…

1. Robo-Blitz is now listed on livecoinwatch. https://livecoinwatch.com/price/RoboBlitz-BLITZ

2. sneak peak of 2 special NFTs was released. All WARBOTS will be deployed next week under JGNNFT. $BNB payments received from NFTs will be used to buyback $BLITZ while $BLITZ Payment receive from NFTs will immediately be burned

3. We’re happy to announce that the smart-contract audit from @SolidityFinance is now completed. It’s our pleasure to be audited by their team. We would like to thank the whole team for their professionalism through-out the whole audit. For complete info of the audit, please see here https://solidity.finance/audits/RoboBlitz/


Our token $BLITZ have an automated distribution features which came from 12% TAX FEE for every transaction made on our liquidity. 6% of which will be automatically airdropped to your wallet and the other 6% will be added to the pool.

Robo Blitz

Robo-Blitz is a multiplayer game centered around collectible WARBOTS with parts upgrade feature. Each WARBOTS is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you.

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