Introducing Robo-Blitz

The present DeFi industry is rife with full of !$&%-coins, anonymous scam coins, and other projects with no use cases. This shift towards flashy and impractical is a far cry from DeFi’s early days of complexity and boringness, but let’s be honest — both of these mindsets are setting the DeFi industry up for failure.

This is real innovation, a real use case, and the REAL future of DeFi!

What is Robo-Blitz?

Robo-Blitz is a multiplayer game centered around collectible WARBOTS with parts upgrade feature. Each WARBOTS is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you. It cannot be replicated, taken away or destroyed.

Why invest in Robo-Blitz?

In Robo-Blitz you can own and upgrade your own WARBOTS to increase it’s attack and defense power. We will only accept $BLITZ payment for our own collection and we will immediately burn every tokens we received from NFT payments. So the only way to go is to the moon!