Robo Blitz 2021 Roadmap



We’re looking forward to releasing our Upgrade part NFT’s in May. These will have interoperability with the warbot NFT’s recently listed on .

Players will be able to keep these in their inventory and use them to boost their warbot’s performance in battle. These upgrades will be tradeable and 100% player owned like our other NFT’s.

You can click the “Buy Warbot” and “Buy Blitz” buttons on our , for easy access to and our . All NFT revenu from both warbots and upgrades is used to buy $BLITZ on Pancakeswap, which will be burned from the total supply.


Game beta release will be in June. We’ll release with multiple arenas in which players can fight it out in real-time 2D combat using their mechs NFT’s.

Each warbot will have unique upgrade slots, according to how they were built. For example Fuseborg won’t have upgrade slots on it’s legs, because it needs it’s continuous track for movement. We will release more details about this in upcoming articles.

Our game is built using the powerful Unity engine and WebGL. It runs as a web application and will be mobile compatible directly as we launch our beta.


During Q3 we’ll be focusing on constantly upgrading the game based on player feedback as well as our own experience. We’ll be releasing more arenas and work on new game modes.

This is also when you can expect new warbot NFT’s. This means the maximum amount of players that will be able to play the game beta upon release is currently capped at 420 by the number of warbot NFT’s in circulation.


The end of the year will be all about further game development such as different game modes. We will release more warbot and upgrade NFT’s so we can onboard more players. We will make these NFT’s available on multiple platforms through strategic Partnerships that are already being worked out.

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Robo-Blitz is a multiplayer game centered around collectible WARBOTS with parts upgrade feature. Each WARBOTS is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you.